Dede is a 10yr old loving cat. She lived with my parents since she was a kitten until 2 yrs ago when they moved to Florida. We adopted her when they moved since we already had 2 dogs and three cats. However, she does not get along with the other cats. She is a loving, adorable cat. We are hoping to have her find a new home where she will be an only cat.
Rocco is not fixed and due to this he tends to be shy, and timid. He is a very adorable boy once he knows you. He willow always be by your side once he is comfortable. We have included pheromone diffusers and calming spray in our home but he still has incidents. He has lived with other cats 1 female and 1 male. He got along with the male the best.
Mr. Nubs got his name as he has a nub for a tail! He is a wonderful boy who loves to just lay on your lap. He s a bit of a goofball! Very talkative. Adopted from the Humane Society at about one year old. Excellent with other cats.
Mizner and Ritten were fostered together and I want and so do they to stay together. Mizner is white and Ritten is Gray. They are 4 yrs old and de-clawed on all four feet. They are perfect and love to cuddle and behave perfectly. They truly are the best/perfect cats 1 can ask for. Unfortunately for me they need to go to a great home that will love them, cuddle with them and play with them. They...
Magic came to us 12yrs ago with her sister, Cotton. Everyone that meets her comments on how loving she is! She really enjoys interacting with people, loves to cuddle, and purrs a lot. She loves playing, too, and will often tire her owners out before she gets tired.
Primarily outdoor cat. very friendly.
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